Years 2005-2020

  • Invest Hotel

    Invest Hotel

  • 2013-2020 Invest Hotel Group: "Innovative technologies and equipment for hotels & wellness"
  • Conference Invest Hotel 2013. Innovative technologies and equipment for hotels.
  • Invest Hotel Poznań 2012. "Alergo Master Technology - hotels rooms and public spaces for people with allergies"
  • Invest Hotel 2011. "HUWA-SAN new generation of microbicides for the disinfection and water treatment in swimming pools, baths, Wellness"
  • Invest Hotel 2009. "From Wellness to rehabilitation - innovative solutions for the hotels new source of income"
  • Hotel Investment Conference in Poland, InterContinental 2009. "Does the resort spa, fitness, tennis courts, golf course or conference team are able to increase its revenues and profits"
  • European Congress and Workshop, spa & wellness industry, Courtyard by Marriott 2009. "The SPA for professional rehabilitation. New opportunities to increase revenue the hotel"
  • Invest Hotel 2008. "Positioning hotels of the future"
  • Profit Invest, Palace of Culture, Warsaw 2008. "SPA guarantee a good investment. How to prepare the hotel to ensure high occupancy "
  • Poland Economic Forum - Ukraine 2012, Hotel Gromada Warsaw 2007. "Hotels on Euro 2012. Efficient use of infrastructure after the tournament"
  • Innovations for the Hotel and Catering 2007. "Hotels on Euro 2012. The most common problems in the implementation of hotel investments"
  • III Hotel & Event Profit 2007. "The future of additional infrastructure, whether and why we continue to expand SPA"
  • Second Conference of the Food & Catering Profit 2007. "Restaurants future. How to increase the chance of success in the market"
  • V Profit Hotel Kyriad Prestige 2006. "A new look at budget hotels - cheap idea for objects at airports and train stations"
  • Invest Hotel 2006. "Trends of daily wellness facilities and residence permits in Poland"
  • SPA II Business Forum, Novotel Centre, 2006. "Optimizing the cost of hotel investments of Fitness, Wellness, SPA"
  • I AQUASAN Poznań, Wellness & SPA in sanatoria and health resorts 2006. "Stages of hotel investments of Fitness, Wellness, SPA"
  • Congress Hotel Business - Hotel & Event Profit. InterContinental Hotel 2005. "Stars and what more? Requirements of business guests"
  • Profit Forum Hotel, Hyatt Regency 2005. "The concept of the hotel of the future - that of modern technologies will win in the hotels"
  • Gastro Invest Hotel 2005. "From the idea to the first guest. Positioning hotel investments of Fitness, Wellness, SPA"
  • SPA Business Forum. Hyatt Regency 2005. "How to invest in equipment to achieve success in the market"
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